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What is the best sewing machine for kids?

The best sewing machine for kids is a sewing machine that is sturdy, simple and easy to use. The chances are better for a simple sewing machine to make a kid look forward to using it. Kids might get turned off with a sewing machine with a lot of fiddly options that can be frustrating.

Sewing projects for kids

A simple to sew project Best sewing machine for kids that is ideal for kids is a grocery bag caddy for storing plastic grocery bags until they are to be used again or recycled. Another sewing project for kids would be a removable money hiding bra pocket that could be a great safe way to hide money for women who travel alone. This project involves all straight sewing.

A fancy tote bag with embellished edges would be a suitable sewing project for kids. The bag could easily be used as a pocketbook as well. Another simple to sew project for kids is a fabric shawl which will enable them to have their first experience in lining a simple garment. Then, there is the flanged pillow sham that is easy to sew and another project where kids can learn how to sew a straight line.

Another all straight sewing project for kids is the pocket pack tissue cover with a front slit style for keeping pocket packs of tissues neatly in a purse or desk. Sewing a zipper can be learned by kids through a toiletry pouch project with a zipper closure. The creation of a fleece and cotton blanket allows kids to try out combining two fabrics and sewing straight lines again. It also will enable them to use a novelty print to make the warm blanket.

Hair scrunchies are kid projects that use very little fabric so kids could sew one for every outfit that they desire to make one for. A fabric dish or dish insulator is a kid project that needs to be taken one step at a time for the completion of a useful dish or gift to a party hostess the next time a covered dish is brought.

Features of the best sewing machine for kids

The best sewing machine for kids must have a sturdy body that uses an easy to thread needle. It must have a bobbin that is simple to wind and install and a snap on pressure foot with seam guides.

What is the care free sewing machine for kids is the sewing machine that has fewer built-in stitches, preferably under 10, including straight, zigzag, knit and reverse stitches. It should have an easy to use foot pedal and dials for pressure and tension adjustment.

The best sewing machine for kids could be a basic straight stitch machine that can give the kid an opportunity to experiment and learn the basics of sewing. It should allow kids to sew pinking shears and straight edged basic seam finishes. Wonderful extras of the machine would be the provision of zigzag and buttonhole stitches.

The greatest sewing machine for kids could be an older machine that is usually more durable and enable the kids to learn what makes a sewing machine work.

Two available market options for the best sewing machine for kids

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1. Brother LS21251

The Brother LS21251 Easy-To-Use Lightweight Basic 10-Stitch Sewing Machine is an option for which is the high quality but cheap sewing machine for kids as it is great for beginners with a pretty good quality. It does not require a certain grade of thread to work properly. It has a basic design sans an overwhelming number of adjustments and controls.

2. Brother XL261041mjMf8ZKCL. SL500 AA300  Best sewing machine for kids

The Brother XL2610 Free-Arm Sewing Machine is another option for which is the best sewing machine for beginners with its automatic bobbin and buttonholer features. It uses state of the art sewing and stitching system. Its size is appropriate for working on larger garments like blankets and quilts. It can be transported or carried with ease.

Which best sewing machine for kids To Go For? And Why?

While the Brother XL2610 has a ½ point higher customer rating than the Brother LS21251, the latter has registered more than 130 customer reviews received than the former making it the more preferred model by consumers. Add the fact that the Brother LS21251 is more than $30 cheaper than the Brother XL2510 makes the Brother LS21251 Easy-To-Use Lightweight Basic 10-Stitch Sewing Machine the best sewing machine for kids and therefore is our pick.

Our Pick : Brother LS21251

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