Best Sewing Machine for Making Clothes


What is the best sewing machine for making clothes?

The best sewing machine for making clothes can either be a non-computerized or a computerized machine. Non-computerized are straightforward to use while computerized or electronic machines are more expensive but can do a much wider stitch range. For beginners, a non-computerized machine would be just fine.

Clothing History

Although it is never certain when people first started wearing clothes, anthropologists estimated that it ranged between 100,000 to 500,000 years ago. Animal skins and furs, grasses and leaves, bones and shells are the natural elements5TXRD00Z Best Sewing Machine for Making Clothes from which the first clothes were made from. While simple needles made from animal bone provided evidence of sewn leather and fur garments, clothing were often draped or tied 300,000 years ago.

The making of cloth and drawing on basketry techniques emerged as the fundamental technologies of humankind when settled cultures discovered the advantages of woven fibres over animal hides. The history of textiles goes hand in hand with the history of clothing as humans invented weaving and spinning and machines were needed to make fabrics to be used for clothing.

All clothing was local and hand sewn by tailors and seamstresses who made individual clothing items in most towns,  prior to the emergence of sewing machines. The ready made clothing industry started to take off with the invention of sewing machines.

Options in acquiring the best sewing machine for making clothes

The best sewing machine for making clothes can be borrowed from a friend or a relative since people who have sewing machines often don’t seem to use them very much. When a person is sure of taking up dressmaking as a serious endeavour, only then can the buying a machine be warranted.

According to the sewing machines reviews for making clothes, a second-hand machine can be an option. Second-hand machines are available in charity shops. It is preferable that a manual exists together with the second-hand machine when bought. The last option is to buy a new machine. For a new machine, a decent model is the way to go. A really cheap machine should be avoided.

The best sewing machine for making clothes must be a good quality sewing machine that has a plastic case covering an all metal body. It must have an adjustable speed control for slowing down of sewing during the tricky bits and speeding up by pressing harder on the foot pedal.

The care free sewing machine for making clothes must have a one step buttonhole feature that is a lot easier to use than a four step buttonhole function. It must provide multiple needle positions for hemming, topstitching and inserting zippers. It must have at least a centre and a left position for flexibility.

The greatest sewing machine for making clothes must sew in quiet operation while maintaining a steady manner and not a jiggling stance. It must be able to sew straight and not pull to one side. It must be able to manage different fabric types and comes with a well laid-out and easy to understand instruction manual and a 20 year mechanical, a 2 year electrical and a 1 year labour warranty.

Two options for the best sewing machine for making clothes available on the market

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1. Singer 7256

The Singer 7256 Fashion Mate is a high quality but cheap sewing machine for making clothes because of its quiet and smooth operation. It is easy to get up and running. It has a needle threading feature that works well with an easy bobbin winding mechanism. Changing stitches is simple and its purchase includes an instruction DVD.


2. Brother PC-210316nX1QxfHL. SL500 AA300  Best Sewing Machine for Making Clothes

The Brother PC-210 PRW Limited Edition Project Runway Sewing Machine is a top 10 sewing machine for making clothes because the reviews for it are extremely good. Many of the users found the many features of the machine likable. They believed the machine can accommodate both beginner and advanced skilled sewers with its over 850 stitches per minute speed that is controllable.

Which best sewing machine for making clothes To Go For? And Why?

The main difference between the Singer 7256 and the Brother PC-210 lies in their prices. Sharing the same high 4 ½ star consumer rating from an almost identical number of consumer reviews, the Singer 7256 is priced almost $140 lower than the Brother PC-210. With both sewing machines enjoying almost equal popularity with users, our pick for the best sewing machine for making clothes is the Singer 7256 Fashion Mate for giving the best value for its price.

Our Pick : Singer 7256

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