Best Sewing Machine for Quilters


What is the best sewing machine for quilters?

The best sewing machine for quilters must assure that piecing is always perfect. Its unique antique quilt stitches must give a true hand-stitch character to the quilt. It must have the power, the performance and the precision.

The growth of the quilting industry

Home Page Quilt Picture Best Sewing Machine for QuiltersQuilting is an industry other than being an art, a craft, a hobby, a pastime, a creative outlet and a therapy format. Quilts used to made only out of necessity and quilting was considered as only a cottage industry but quilting today is a billion dollar industry with millions of quilters nationwide. There is at least one active quilter in 14% of U.S. households and quilting is popular around the world as well.

There is a growing sophistication in quilting tools and machines as lots of new gadgets are introduce to help make quilting an easier endeavour. Fabrics are expected to be bright and saturated while designs are expected to be big, bold and nostalgic as quilting starts and ends with fabric. Retro designs from the 1950s are coming on strong while fabrics of the 1930s remain to be popular for years. Turquoise, in combination with brown and pink, is a popular colour while batiks are among the fastest growing fabric lines.

A trend towards modern quilts has been started online and spreading to mainstream quilting using a lot of solid colours and featuring wide open spaces, white backgrounds that pop coloured blocks. They feature contemporary art designs that fit the modern home well. Jelly rolls, rolls of 2 ½ inch fabric strips and charm packs, stacks of 10 inch squares, are becoming very popular as quilters continue to look for ways to make quilting quick and easy.

Features of the best sewing machine for quilters

The best sewing machine for quilters must be so easy to use that it makes quilting seem to happen by itself. It must have intelligent technology that guarantees that every quilt, made by creative hands, becomes an object of breathtaking beauty and of the highest quality.

Some features of the best sewing machine for quilt guild include the ability to do at least 3,000 stitches per minute and will not outrun the stitch regulation. It must stay firmly on the tracks to give consistent stitch regulation. There must be no need for a separate equipment for winding bobbins.

The best sewing machine for quilters must be an economical and reliable machine with a good light that shines on the presser foot area and lights over both the bed and the needle. It must be a heavy duty machine with a wider feed system and a tray in front for easier sewing especially if a lot of sewing needs to be done or sewing is done for kids.

The care free sewing machine for quilters must provide enough room for manoeuvring when the need arises to change feet and attachments with a screwdriver. It must have the ability to use a quilting frame with adjustable tension and accessible bobbins.

Two options for the best sewing machine for quilters available on the market

1. Brother PQ1500S41cjlqgyjUL. SL500 AA300  Best Sewing Machine for Quilters

The Brother PQ1500S Hight Speed Quilting and Sewing Machine is an option for what is the top 10 sewing machine for quilters having massive strength in the stitch shank at 1,500 stitches per minute, sewing at that rate through thick fabrics. No needle breakage or skipped stitches with this machine.

2. Singer 7469Q31%2BgiKiloBL. SL500 AA300  Best Sewing Machine for Quilters

The Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine is an option for what is the greatest sewing machine for quilters as it can do all kinds of sewing from clothes, toys, bags, stitched artwork and quilts. It can work with heavy materials or several layers of fabrics as well as bigger pieces with its walking foot and larger table.

Which best sewing machine for quilters To Go For? And Why?

While it is true that the Singer 7469Q is more than $250 cheaper and received more than 30 consumer reviews when compared with the Brother PQ1500S, the Brother PQ1500S still has the greater edge over the Singer 7469Q in terms of features and functionalities with its attainment of the highest consumer rating of 5, 1 point over the Singer 7469Q. Our pick for the best sewing machine for quilters is the Brother PQ1500S Hight Speed Quilting and Sewing Machine.

Our Pick : Brother PQ1500S

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