Best Sewing Machine Quilting


What is the best sewing machine quilting?

The best sewing machine quilting must have a needle stop up or down feature. The pivoting of fabric is made easy if the needle can be made to stop down for the auto lifting of the presser foot. This feature also fixes stitches at the beginning and end of stitch patterns.

Quilting Myths

quilting Best Sewing Machine QuiltingRealities of quilt history make up quilting myths. People interpret the quilting past as a combination of romantic myths and historical facts that continue to be accepted as true despite being proven inaccurate. They survive and thrive as reflections of the dreams, ideals and values of people providing images and stories that unite and inspire society members. A willingness to revise past scholarship in the light of new knowledge and an ability for myth recognition and appreciation without the impediment of interpretations based on accurate and documented facts are signs of quilt study maturity.

Some quilting myths include quilting being a common task in the life of a woman in colonial America, especially designed quilts being used as signals by underground railroad, quilting is an American craft that originated in early America, quilting bees are gatherings where women did all the quilting in the olden days, scraps were used for quilting as a frugal measure by women of the past, hand piecing and quilting were always priced over the use of sewing machines, typical quilting was done by women in the evening by the fireside before the dawn of electricity, as a demonstration of humility antique quilt mistakes were done on purpose, piecing and quilting were activities of pioneer women on the journey west and an indication of an antique quilt is the presence of cotton seeds in the batting.

Features of the best sewing machine quilting

The best sewing machine quilting must have a stitch regulator that has a sensor for knowing how quickly a sewer is moving the fabric under the needle for the automatic slow down or speed up of the needle for even stitching creation.

The best sewing machine craft must have settings and presser foot types that coincide with the different requirements of every machine quilting technique.  It must have a large surface to the rear and to the left to help support the weight of larger quilt projects.

The best sewing machine quilting must have the ability to do straight line quilting which is the easiest form of machine quilting that always give good and quick results.

The best sewing machine art must be open to the insertion of an even feed presser foot, also known as walking foot. This foot provides smoother and pucker free machine quilting as it evenly feeds the layers of the quilt through the machine.  The feed dogs, the teeth under the needle, will only feed the bottom layer of the fabric through the machine without an even feed presser foot. This would leave the quilt batting and top quilt layers open to puckering as the layers are not being fed through the machine at the same rate.

Two best sewing machine quilting options available on the market

1. Brother XL-3750415fTv6zPSL. SL500 AA300  Best Sewing Machine Quilting

The Brother XL-3750 Convertible 35-Stitch Free-Arm Sewing Machine with Quilting Features is an option for what is the best sewing machine fabric being wonderfully lightweight that comes with a quick start guide that is easy to follow.  It has an automatic needle threader with a prominent reverse stitch button. It comes with a work surface than can be swapped from being sleeve fitting to being a large table top.

2. Singer 996031v kdBjGfL. SL500 AA300  Best Sewing Machine Quilting

The Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist 600-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine is an option for what is the best sewing machine knitting with its smooth sewing and its elimination of the need for a foot pedal. Its speed can be changed during sewing and stitches faster than most machines. It cuts thread automatically and comes with a number of different stitches and feet. It operates quietly.

Which best sewing machine quilting To Go For? And Why?

The Singer 9960 may have received the highest possible consumer rating of 5, 1 point higher than the Brother XL-3750. However, its higher price by almost $230 makes it less popular thus receiving practically 75 less consumer reviews. Our pick for the best sewing machine quilting is the Brother XL-3750 Convertible 35-Stitch Free-Arm Sewing Machine with Quilting Features.

Our Pick : Brother XL-3750

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