Best Sewing Machines to Make Clothes


What are the best sewing machines to make clothes?

The best sewing machines to make clothes can be the basic machines with which one can make beautiful clothings, home decoration garments and full sized quilts. They can also be computerized machines with which one can do so much more.

Making clothes look vintage and wornlevis vintage 2011 Stylert 224x300 Best Sewing Machines to Make Clothes

Before beginning, a good clothing fit is first assured. A suitable workplace for cutting, slashing and attacking the clothes is chosen. An area with a strong surface where damage is not an issue is chosen. Areas such as an old gardening bench and a concrete garage floor are good choices. The clothing is then sized up and how much damage is to be inflicted on the clothing to change its appearance is decided upon. As the changes will be permanent, putting the item away is an option in case of reticence.

The t-shirt is then aged. T-shirt ageing is a great started project as t-shirts do not cost much and can be made to look fantastic if antiqued. The denim jeans is then distressed or made old artificially. Denim is most probably the best known fabric that is subjected to aging techniques among the wide variety of fashion styles.

Power tools are then used to achieve an older look on clothing. Worn areas can be made through the use of 100 gritted or heavier sand paper along the butt, other knee sides and near the pockets of many fabrics. An electric sander will make the process much faster, making sure that a fabric that can withstand the pressure is used. Fabrics such as silk and satin respond poorly to sanding.

The doctored items are then washed. The fabric will be prepared by the previous steps but would not be frayed or colour changed in many instances so it needs to be washed. The items are washed in the washing machine on medium heat with half laundry detergent and half borax after they have been snipped, sliced and torn.

The clothes are faded by finding a secured outside place in a sunny area, where they can be hanged right side out and left for up to two weeks. The clothes pin must be moved and how the clothes are hanged rotated daily, for the avoidance of clothes pin lines and the causing of darker colours on one side of the clothes. The stiff clothes are then taken inside and washed in warm water with detergent and borax. A fabric softener can optionally be used and the clothes are finally dried in the dryer.

Factors in the selection of the best sewing machines to make clothes

Price must not be a deciding factor in the selection of the best sewing machines to make clothes and neither should some computerized machines intimidate one in her selection. What is planned to be done with the machine is the primary factor for consideration whether a brand new top of the line computerized machine or a used basic electronic sewing machine is to be selected. Consideration must of course be given to the budget on hand.

Factors in the selection of the best sewing machines to create clothes must include the determination of whether one is to sew high fashion tailored clothing, whether curtains and decorator pillows are to be included as optional projects as well as whether embroidery is to be done with the machine.

The best sewing machines to make clothes must be easy to maintain regularly to keep them working efficiently. There must be routine services that can be performed and specified in the manual of the machines.

Two best sewing machines to make clothes available on the market

1.  Singer 725641KeNsrwlfL. SL500 AA300  Best Sewing Machines to Make Clothes

The Singer 7256 Fashion Mate sewing machines are options to what are the best sewing machines to build clothes for their ease of use in the creation of garments, wall decorations, fashion and home accessories. It provides 70 stitch patterns that include 6 styles of 1-step buttonholes and an automatic lock stitch. It also has an LCD screen option for clear display of electronically selected stitch settings.

2. Brother PC-210316nX1QxfHL. SL500 AA300  Best Sewing Machines to Make Clothes

The Brother PC-210 PRW Limited Edition Project Runway Sewing Machines are options to what are the best sewing machines to design clothes for their being high functioning machines that deliver great performance with a well organized appearance and design. Its top folds up for thread spool and bobbin winder access and lays back down when not in use. Its accessory storage is a drawer with organized slots for presser feet and tools.

Which best sewing machines to make clothes To Go For? And Why?

Both machines share the high 4 ½ consumer rating from an almost identical number of consumer reviews signifying their equality as far as functionality and popularity is concerned. The main difference between the two machines lies in their prices, the Singer 7256 being less pricy by more than $150 than the Brother PC-210. All things in consideration, our pick for the best sewing machines to make clothes are the Singer 7256 Fashion Mate sewing machines.

Our Pick : Singer 7256

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