Top Rated Quilting Sewing Machine


What is the top rated quilting sewing machine?

The top rated quilting sewing machine can produce creative meandering and stippling stitch designs on a quilt using a free hand system. It has a heavy metal frame that can sew through thick quilts with ease.

Quilt types

The typical Triangles on a roll v Top Rated Quilting Sewing Machinecategories of quilts are pieced quilts and whole cloth quilts. There are a variety of techniques to adorn a quilt in addition to the basic quilt types.

Comprised of other fabric pieces sewn together, a pieced quilt is a quilt in which the top is highly decorative. Patchwork, crazy quilts, geometric form combinations and nature forms, i.e., birds, leaves, flowers, stars and moons, are the common designs used in pieced quilts.  Comprised of a single piece of cloth for the top, if it is small and strips of the same cloth, if it is large, is a whole cloth quilt.

When strips of cloth are used for a whole cloth quilt, they are sewn together to look like a single cloth surface as opposed to the multiple colours and fabrics used in a pieced quilt. The focus of a whole cloth quilt is in the beauty of the quilting stitches. To show off the stitching skills of a quilter, white work quilts are whole cloth quilts done entirely in white fabric.

Other decorative and constructive elements may be included in both quilt categories that include appliqué, trapunto and embroidery. Applied, transferred or sewn onto another piece of cloth, appliqué is a decorative design made out of fabric or lace. To give a noticeably sculptured dimension, trapunto is a technique of adding padding to the underside of a quilted area, more often seen on whole cloth quilts. For additional embellishment, embroidery is decorative stitching sewn into the surface of the cloth, used in many sewing applications.

Features of the top rated quilting sewing machine

The top rated quilting sewing machine works well for home sewing projects which of course includes the creation of quilts. It has an LCD screen to help in the selection of stitch length and width.

A good quilting sewing machine has different stitch patterns and an automatic needle threader. It makes quilting quicker than other machines not requiring hand threading. It allows for the stitch width and length adjustment for the accomplishment of desired decorative quilting stitch.

The top rated quilting sewing machine offers stitch designs up to a maximum 5” x 7” size and can embellish anything from t-shirts to home decors with one of a variety of built-in embroidery patterns including delicate scrollwork, intricate floral designs and classic quilt patterns. It comes with a set of built-in lettering fonts, frame shapes and border styles.

The care free quilting sewing machine is incredible in its user friendliness with on-screen help and editing through an LCD control panel and a time saving memory function that stores designs for future use. Its additional features include an easy bobbin winding system, a quick set bobbin, a thread cutter button and an automatic upper thread tension system for perfect stitching on any fabric.

Two options for the top rated quilting sewing machine available on the market

1. Brother PQ1500S41cjlqgyjUL. SL500 AA300  Top Rated Quilting Sewing Machine

The Brother PQ1500S High Speed Quilting and Sewing Machine is an option for what is the best buy quilting sewing machine being a great machine for free motion quilting and piecing. It is designed for daily use with no thread or needle breakage even at full speed. It is an extremely pleasing machine that hums as it stitches easily over the fabrics.

2. Singer 7469Q31%2BgiKiloBL. SL500 AA300  Top Rated Quilting Sewing Machine

The Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine is an option for what is the most popular quilting sewing machine as it runs smoothly, easy to operate, produces specialty stitches with a needle down button. It comes with a walking foot and a hemming foot attachment.

Which top rated quilting sewing machine To Go For? And Why?

Primarily because of its lower price by approximately $450, the Singer 7469Q is the more popular brand signified by its receiving 26 consumer reviews more than the Brother PQ1500S. However, despite its popularity, it has received a consumer rating that is a point lower than the PQ1500S, indicating the supremacy of the PQ1500S over it in terms of features and functions. Our pick for the top rated quilting sewing machine therefore is the Brother PQ1500S High Speed Quilting and Sewing Machine.

Our Pick : Brother PQ1500S

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